Mercedes EQS

Mercedes EQS Limousine with Chauffeur

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Mercedes EQS 100% Electric Limousine 🍃 with Driver

Premium Private Chauffeur service in a Mercedes EQS Limousine 🍃100% Electric.

Available exclusively from Class-eDriver Limousine

Premium Private Chauffeur Service in a Mercedes EQS Electric Limousine

The electric Mercedes EQS is the 100% electric Mercedes S-Class 🍃
With a range of 780 km, the Mercedes EQS Limousine can accommodate 2 to 3 passengers travelling in 1st Class.

For decades, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been the undisputed number one luxury limousine. It has set a worldwide standard for VIP transportation. We still believe it’s the best vehicle for high-end passenger transport.
Now you can enjoy the 100% electric version of this limousine with unrivalled comfort!

The Mercedes EQS electric is the 100% electric limousine. Exclusive, top-of-the-range vehicle available from Class-eDriver Limousine

Enjoy real premium chauffeur service in a 100% electric Mercedes aboard the new Mercedes EQS Limousine

Available for:
Private Tour, Hourly Service, Event, Executive Chauffeur





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